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Relevant Laws

Enforcement Authorities

  • The High Authority Against Corruption (Alta Autoridade Contra Corrupcao), created by Law 3 of April 5, 1996 but has not been operational since then.
  • Criminal Investigation Services (Serviço de Investigação Criminal – “SIC”)
    • Direction for the Fight against the Corruption Crimes (Direcção Nacional de Combate aos Ilícitos Penais – “DNCIP”), created by Presidential Decree 78/18, of 15 March 2018
  • National Police (Policia Nacional – “PN”)
    • Direction for Investigation of Criminal Acts (Direcção de Investigação de Ilícitos Penais – “DIIP”)
  • Audit Court (Tribunal de Contas)
  • Office of the Attorney General of Angola (Procuradoria-Geral da República)
    • Public Prosecution Office (Ministério Público – “MP”)
  • Financial Intelligence Unit (Unidade de Informação Financeira – “UIF-Angola”)

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