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Relevant Laws

  • The Peruvian Penal Code criminalizes passive and active domestic and foreign bribery. See Peruvian Penal Code, Art. 393, 393-A, 397, 397-A.
    • Other corruption-related offenses under the Code include abuse of authority illegally conditioning the delivery of goods and services (Art. 376-A), improper payment (wherein a public official requests improper payments in excess of the legal tariff) (Art. 383), collusion (Art. 384), embezzlement (Art. 387-389), passive corruption of judicial assistants (Art. 396), incompatible negotiation (Art. 399), influence peddling (Art. 400), and illicit enrichment (Art. 401).
  • Commercial bribery is prohibited. See Legislative Decree 1385,.
  • Legal entities may be held liable for certain corruption-related crimes. See Corporate Corruption Act.
  • Limited protections granted to whistleblowers who disclose evidence of illegality involving a public entity. See Law No. 29542.
  • Legislative Decree 1106 also addresses money laundering and offenses related to organized crime.

Enforcement Authorities

  • Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • National Police
  • Superintendent of Capital Markets
  • Office of the Comptroller General

Publicly-Available Resources

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