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Comprehensive risk management has never been so important, particularly in large organizations, where complex reporting structures, global jurisdictions, and shareholder bases demand accountability. In the second quarter of 2017, Ropes & Gray conducted a survey of 300 senior-level executives at corporations across many industries, including banking, asset management, private equity, life sciences, health care and technology, to study risk management trends and practices. Our research reveals varying states of legal and regulatory readiness, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach to risk management.

Global Risk Management Report

Key Findings

Our research identifies several trends: 

  • 28% of respondents say China is the riskiest market overall, and 13% say the UK is the riskiest market, reflecting political and economic uncertainties stemming from Brexit
  • 48% say risk is largely managed centrally, but 87% believe that greater collaboration between risk managers would benefit the organization.
  • 43% feel their current risk management practices meet present needs, although 69% worry their current practices will not be enough in the future.

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Ropes & Gray provides a comprehensive suite of risk assessment and advisory services. By focusing on the entire enterprise rather than on specific risks or geographies, we enable organizations to identify, monitor, and mitigate or eliminate risks at all levels.

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