What to Do

  • Look out for an OCR e-mail
    • Notification letters were sent to covered entities on July 11, 2016
  • Ensure that an OCR e-mail is legitimate
  • Respond and prepare
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+1 312 845 1307
Timothy M. McCrystal
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HIPAA Audit Resource Center

How We Can Help

    • What to expect and how to prepare for the HIPAA audit program
  • Self-assessment toolkit
    • A checklist that covered entities and business associates can use to conduct a preliminary self-assessment (complimentary offering)
  • Primer/CLE Presentation
    • Overview of the audit process and steps that can be taken to prepare for it (complimentary offering)
  • Hotline/Helpdesk
    • Monthly bank of hours dedicated to counseling on general HIPAA compliance and/or preparation for pending audits (offered at a fixed fee)
  • Policy Audit and Gap Analysis
    • Review of your company’s existing policies for HIPAA privacy compliance gaps and suggested steps for improving compliance and mitigating risks (offered at a fixed fee)
  • Model Policies and Procedures
    • Suite of HIPAA privacy and security policies, including data breach notification policies, privacy procedures and training materials (offered at a fixed fee)
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