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Relevant Laws

  • Italian Criminal Code: Italy criminalizes both active and passive corruption in the public and private sectors, including bribery of foreign public officials.
  • Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 (Law 231): Italian law establishes corporate criminal liability for companies for corrupt actions of employees. There is a safe harbour for companies that can demonstrate they have implemented adequate preventative measures. Law No. 190/2012 (the “Anti-Corruption Law”): establishes transparency requirements for the public sector
  • Law No. 69/2015 (the New Anti-Corruption Law): Italian law provides for increased penalties for certain types of bribery. 
  • Law No. 3/2019: Italian law establishes increased penalties for certain crimes against public administration. 

Enforcement Authorities

  • National Anti-Corruption Authority (Autorità Nazionale Anti-Corruzione) ("ANAC")
  • Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • Police Units (Polizia di Stato/Carabinieri/Guardia di Finanza)

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