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Relevant Laws

  • Dutch Criminal Code: The Netherland’s anti-corruption provisions criminalize active bribery (offer of gifts or services) and passive bribery (solicitation of gift or services). Foreign public officials are equally subject to the Dutch Criminal Code
  • Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act: The Netherlands requires customer screening, identification and verification of customers, and the reporting of unusual financial transactions. Amended in 2014 to include new due diligence and suspicious transaction reporting requirements and protection from criminal and civil liability for entities filing suspicious transaction reports
  • Dutch Whistleblowers Authority Act: In effect since 2016, the Netherlands requires all organizations within the Netherlands with more than fifty employees to introduce a procedure for reporting internal wrongdoings, which may lead to an investigation by the Whistleblowers Authority

Enforcement Authorities

  • Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service
  • Office for the Promotion of Public Sector Integrity
  • National Police Internal Investigations Department
  • Public Prosecution Service
  • Whistleblowers Authority

Publicly-Available Resources

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