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David Chapin


“A lawyer with a global mindset is somebody who understands the cultural and other differences that inform client decisions and client decision-making. It’s somebody who is sensitive to the fact that not everybody thinks exactly the same way about business or cultural issues.”

David Chapin, managing partner emeritus

David Chapin

GO by the Numbers

  • 1,500+: Attorneys worldwide
  • 38: Languages spoken by
          Ropes & Gray attorneys
  • 17: Time zones
  • 13: Ropes & Gray offices
  • 7: Offices outside the U.S.
  • 3: Law360 “Practice Groups of the Year” rankings, 2021
  • 68: Legal 500 practice rankings across U.S., U.K., and Asia 2021-2022
  • 71: Chambers practice rankings, global 2022

Joining Ropes & Gray means becoming part of a global network of more than 1,500 professionals working across three continents and 17 time zones. And that translates into exciting career opportunities for entry-level candidates and experienced lawyers alike.

Read more about our career opportunities. 

At Ropes & Gray, we’re committed to helping our attorneys enrich their legal skills with a truly global mindset. All lawyers who join the firm are encouraged to take advantage of our GO (Global Opportunity) programs. Attorneys can immerse themselves in a new culture or city in one of our 13 offices worldwide—or, on occasion, with one of the firm’s clients—and gain invaluable career experience along the way. 

We offer a range of global mobility options designed to enhance our attorneys’ professional development while ensuring that we always have the right skills and experience in place for our clients. 

GO Strategic | Client Secondment

GO Strategic

GO Strategic focuses on matching seasoned Ropes associates with developmental opportunities to fill strategic firm needs across our 13-office network. GO Strategic assignments can be short term, long term or permanent. 

  • For more information, please contact Alison Slater, Senior Manager of Attorney Talent - Operations.

Client Secondment

Our client secondment program provides associates with in-house experience at one of the firm’s clients. While on secondment, attorneys learn firsthand about the client’s business needs and perspectives and develop long-lasting relationships that benefit the attorneys, the clients and the firm.

For more information, please contact Alison Slater, Senior Manager of Attorney Talent - Operations.

Our Globetrotters 

Here’s what some of our attorneys have to say about their GO experience:

Geoff Atkins
Litigation & Enforcement Partner

“I really enjoyed my experience in our Hong Kong office. It was very exciting to work in a region that is a focal point of many of the firm’s fastest growing practice areas.”
Read Geoff's bio | View Geoff’s video

Ana Biloglav
Finance Associate
Ana Biloglav
As a lawyer with a predominantly European background, I am getting great exposure and transactional experience in the U.S. markets. It’s a fantastic opportunity and an invaluable experience.
Read Ana's bio | View Ana's video

Alexander (Sandy) Boer
Private Equity Partner
“The GO program is an exceptionally unique opportunity that I wouldn’t had necessarily thought would be possible in a large firm environment, but I was thrilled when the opportunity presented itself to spend three months helping to support our clients in the Tokyo office.”
Read Sandy's bio | View Sandy’s video

Charlie Boer
Private Equity Partner
Charlie Boer
“Spending time in our Tokyo office has been one of the highlights of my seven years at Ropes & Gray. It was amazing to see the ‘one firm’ mentality in action and …the experience has allowed me to connect with clients and colleagues on a different level.”
Read Charlie's bio | View Charlie’s video

Minh-Chau Le
Private Equity Partner
“I loved being in Japan and learning about what it takes to do business in a different culture… It makes me a better lawyer and allows me to serve our clients more effectively.”
Read Chau's bio | View Chau’s video

Dan O’Connor
Litigation & Enforcement Partner

“What we’re doing in Asia is really exciting for the firm. It’s unique in terms of the opportunities it provides for our people to get out and see different aspects of what we do, and to interact with other legal systems and lawyers from around the world.”
Read Dan's bio | View Dan's video

Amanda Raad
Litigation & Enforcement Partner
Amanda Raad
“The most exciting part about moving to London has been helping to build up the government enforcement practice group here and watching it grow. The GO program is a fantastic opportunity – you learn a lot about yourself, you become a better attorney, and you learn more about the world.”
Read Amanda’s bio | View Amanda’s video

Jane Rogers
Finance Partner
“I came to London from our Boston office and it’s been a great experience. Being part of a rapidly growing office has changed both the dynamic and the focus of my practice, and has led to many new opportunities.”
Read Jane's bio | View Jane's Video

Sean Seelinger
Litigation & Enforcement Partner
“My move to London has allowed me to better serve my clients by being on the ground here in Europe, whether that is working with a London-based client or being a quick one-hour flight away from a meeting in a nearby country.”
Read Sean’s bio | View Sean’s video

Han Xu
IP Litigation Counsel
Han Xu
“My experience in Tokyo has been very exciting. The partners and counsel like to get everyone involved, so I feel like I’m an integral part of a growing practice.”
Read Han's bio

Tina Yu
Litigation & Enforcement Counsel
Tina Yu
“The fellowship has helped my career immensely. Given that I had never worked in a non-Asian office before and the fact that I’m now in London, a vibrant city offering so many new insights and exposure, is something that is completely invaluable to me.”
Read Tina's bio | View Tina's video
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