Ropes & Gray is committed to effective paralegal training and professional development. We recognize that training is essential to developing the knowledge and skills necessary for growth and advancement, and design training programs that focus on practice-specific skills as well as document management, communication, project execution and organization. Whether you are joining as an entry level paralegal in your first professional role, or join us with many years of experience, we seek to provide a solid foundation of knowledge during the onboarding period. Further professional development opportunities are available throughout the career of the paralegal.


Subject matter overview and task-specific instruction are provided through a combination of classroom based learning, self-paced tutorial, and mentorship initiatives.  During the first days and weeks of your employment, you’ll engage in hands-on, practical exercises that mirror the real life assignments paralegals complete on a daily basis. The training material is developed and directed by experienced paralegals in your group, allowing new paralegals the opportunity to learn and seek feedback in a supportive setting.


Recognizing that learning and growth often come from peers and professional colleagues, the paralegal department fosters the development of mentoring relationships and collegiality amongst employees. New Ropes & Gray paralegals are paired with a mentor in their practice area, while regular round table discussions and group meetings foster the exchange of information concerning trends, practices and procedures relevant to particular fields within the paralegal group.


Seminars focusing on increasing our paralegal’s understanding of practice processes and procedures, and the skills needed to produce a consistently high quality work product are arranged regularly. Additional professional skills training is provided via a series of seminars which focus on effective oral and written communication and work styles, the principles of building strong and effective work relationships, and time management. The firm also provides access to online training, both in-house and through vendor relationships.

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