Driving Compliance

With regulatory enforcement on the rise, businesses across many sectors are employing new tools and methods to build successful compliance programs. According to our new report, “Data & Behavioral Science: A New Approach to Risk Management,” companies are increasingly taking a data-driven approach to compliance, supported by behavioral sciences strategies, to go beyond a reliance on policies, procedures and other traditional compliance methods. The study is the result of an in-depth global survey of 300 senior executives that set out to examine how companies are using data and behavioral sciences to drive ethical decision-making.

Global Risk Management Report

Key Findings

Our research identifies several trends: 

  • 61% said clear guidance regarding laws and regulations is one of their top considerations when helping employees understand compliance
  • 57% cited culture of a country or region as a major obstacle to the implementation an effective compliance framework.
  • 66% said requests from government officials are the biggest challenge in asset management
  • 83% use informal background checks conducted internally to carry out third-party diligence

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