Ropes & Gray Analysis Prior to Passage

Ropes & Gray Analysis Prior to Passage

Health Reform Matters: Issue 4 (December 2009) [pdf]

  • The Road Ahead: What's Happening in Congress?
  • Differences Remaining in House and Senate Approaches
  • Delivery System Reform: Do the House and Senate Bills Deliver?
  • Current Stakeholder Perspectives on Health Reform
  • Finding a Way to Pay for Health Reform

Health Reform Matters: Issue 3 (September 2009) [pdf]

  • Recent Developments
  • Proposals to Address Geographic Variations in Health Care Spending Gather Momentum, Provoke Controversy
  • Tax Changes Looming for Employers and Individuals through Health Care Reform
  • Reform Legislation Includes Regulatory Pathway for Follow-on Biologics
  • Massachusetts Commission Proposes Sweeping Payment Changes

Health Reform Matters: Issue 2 (June 2009) [pdf]

  • Recent Developments
  • The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Funding Opportunities and New Privacy Rules
  • Congressional Budget May Pave the Way for Health Reform
  • The "Public Plan" Puzzle: What Will It Mean for Your Organization?
  • Preparing for Health Reform by Understanding the Massachusetts Experience
  • Interview with Christina Severin and Leanne Berg of Network Health

Health Reform Matters: Issue 1 (February 2009) [pdf]

  • A Down-payment on Health Reform: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
  • Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorized and Expanded
  • Who's Who: Old Hands, New Faces and Some Surprises as the Health Reform Team Takes Shape in Washington
  • What to Expect in Health Reform 
  • An Interview with Larry Gage

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