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Ropes & Gray attorneys continually provide informed perspective on global, regional, industry-specific and practice-focused legal issues. Use the links below to access our current and recent insights. 

CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act - The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will significantly affect the operations of companies that collect personal data about California residents. Learn more.
New-Administration Capital Insights - On this site, Ropes & Gray offers its insights into some of the most noteworthy issues. Learn more.
Risk Data & Behavioral Science - A new approach to risk management - According to our new report, companies are increasingly taking a data-driven approach to compliance, supported by behavioral sciences strategies, to go beyond a reliance on policies, procedures and other traditional compliance methods.  Learn more.
Digital Health Report Digital Health ReportHealth care providers and life sciences companies are increasingly embracing digital health technologies. Research in a new report by Ropes & Gray and Crain’s, “Digital Health: From Innovation to Solutions” – based on a survey of more than 250 health care, life science and digital health professionals.  Learn more.
Enforcement Express Enforcement ExpressStay on top of corruption risks and enforcement environments worldwide. This microsite offers interactive access to regularly updated profiles of more than 40 countries worldwide, plus articles, webinars, videos, podcasts and more. Learn more.
FinTech FinTech M&AResearch in the report “Fintech M&A: Acquiring a Competitive Edge in Financial Services,” reveals critical and far-ranging trends in the already prominent place that technology plays in the growth and development of modern day financial services.  Learn more.
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation - Our team of Ropes & Gray attorneys is ready to collaborate with clients to understand the key implications of the GDPR and advise on how to navigate its implementation. Learn more.
global health care compliance Global Health Care Compliance - Collaborating across practices and geographies, our team has benchmarked and implemented global compliance programs for many leading companies. Our lawyers and professionals are fluent in 42 languages. We also partner with law firms on six continents. Learn more.
Insights Insights Commentary - Commentary covering a range of topics relevant to your business and the wider market. Learn more.
Family Offices Insights for Family Offices - Our comprehensive family office practice comprises a global team of lawyers with experience advising family offices established by ultra-high-net-worth families in the United States and around the world. Learn more. 
Health Care Transactions Navigating Emerging State Regulation of Health Care Transactions - The shift to value-based care models has at its core a need to manage population health using large and diverse clinical settings, access to data and technology to manage care, and assumption of financial risk leading to horizontal and vertical integration. Aggressive federal and state enforcement of antitrust and other competition laws appear to be in tension with this movement. Learn more
Navigating ESG Navigating State Regulation of ESG Investments - This interactive website offers regularly updated color-coded maps and detailed summaries of state initiatives regarding the rapidly evolving legal and regulatory landscape concerning what role, if any, ESG factors should play in managing public retirement plan assets. Links to alerts, podcasts and other articles addressing these topics and other ESG-related developments are readily accessible. Learn more. 
Insights Lab R&G Insights Lab - R&G Insights Lab, an innovative, full service legal consulting group – and the industry’s first-ever analytics and behavioral science offering. The Lab is a global, integrated and cross-industry advisory capability that combines Ropes & Gray’s dynamic legal team with specialized expertise in analytics, behavioral science, and strategic consulting. Learn more. 
DataPhiles RopesDataPhiles - In today’s global and digital business environment, advances in technology have greatly increased the value of data as an asset, and regulation of data has increased its risk as a liability affecting individuals, businesses and governments worldwide. Learn more.
diversity Visibility Counts - Corporate Guidelines for LGBT+ Self-ID - Ropes & Gray and Out Leadership have launched a first-of-its-kind report on LGBT+ self-identification, a practice that enables companies to invite LGBT+ employees to volunteer sexual orientation and gender identity data.  Learn more.
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