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Ropes & Gray offers two powerful solutions for organizations seeking greater insight into the global anti-corruption environment as well as their own global corruption risk.


In an increasingly shrinking world, organizations need to stay abreast of anti-corruption efforts and trends worldwide. Ropes & Gray offers two resources designed specifically to help companies understand the global anti-corruption landscape and assess their own global corruption risk.

Global Anti-Corruption Update 2021

Developed by attorneys in Ropes & Gray’s award-winning anti-corruption and international risk practice, this fifth volume will analyze recent anti-corruption enforcement trends and developments in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia & Asia Pacific, Europe & the Middle East, and North & South America. Each chapter will profile a single country and provide an overview, a summary of the anti-corruption climate, economic outlook of the country, a review of the current enforcement regime and any pending anti-corruption legislation, and an analysis of recent major anti-corruption scandals. This fifth volume is scheduled to be released in late 2020. 

Sample insights from our fourth volume:


“Recent U.S. enforcement actions illustrate some of the risks to multinational corporations doing business in China. These risks include the dangers posed by China’s gift-giving culture, using third parties, leveraging donations for political favors, and business dealings with princelings.” 


“Ethiopia has a comprehensive legal framework against corruption. However, despite the strength of its laws, enforcement remains a problem and authorities have failed to effectively control institutionalized political favoritism or petty bribery.” 


“Despite the long history of corruption in Italy, recent leadership has been taking steps to improve the situation. Italy has made strides in recent years to improve its economy and to lessen corruption, and has shown that it has a large economy with the tools in place to rise in global prominence. If the country can reduce corruption through these means, it may be well on its way to solving its troubles with organized crime, low faith in government, and economic torpor.” 


“Corruption is a familiar and widespread problem in Mexico, presenting significant challenges for individuals and companies seeking to do business in this important strategic market. From pervasive drug cartel influence to allegations of bribery involving the country’s former president, to a string of corruption scandals implicating state-level officials, companies operating in Mexico must be cautious of exposing themselves to legal and reputational liability.”

Anti-Corruption Risk Matrix

Ropes & Gray’s econometric Risk Matrix enables organizations to evaluate and visualize corruption risk throughout their international operations.

Cited for innovativeness by the Financial Times, the Risk Matrix uses a web-based questionnaire designed to assess corruption risk within an organization’s international operations. A proprietary Ropes & Gray risk scoring algorithm processes a client’s answers, and the scored results are graphed to create a visual model illustrating risk areas in a client’s international operations by both geography and business category.

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