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Ropes & Gray offers two powerful solutions for organizations seeking greater insight into the global anti-corruption environment as well as their own global corruption risk.


In an increasingly shrinking world, organizations need to stay abreast of anti-corruption efforts and trends worldwide. Ropes & Gray offers two resources designed specifically to help companies understand the global anti-corruption landscape and assess their own global corruption risk.

Global Anti-Corruption Update 2016

Developed by attorneys in Ropes & Gray’s award-winning anti-corruption and international risk practice, this volume analyzes recent anti-corruption enforcement trends and developments in more than 30 countries. Each chapter profiles a single country and provides an overview, a summary of the anti-corruption climate, a review of the current enforcement regime and any pending anti-corruption legislation, and an analysis of recent major anti-corruption scandals.

Sample insights from this year’s update:


“With the Brazilian media and citizenry focused on corruption, and with anti-corruption laws recently enacted and new measures proposed, companies doing business in Brazil should be prepared for greater scrutiny and increased activity from government regulators, both in Brazil and abroad. The importance of anti-corruption compliance in Brazil cannot be overemphasized, especially given the wide range of business opportunities presented by the upcoming 2016 Olympics.”


“Further, the current uncertainty heightens the risk that companies doing business in India will increasingly deal with purported whistleblowers, scrutiny from the Indian media, and increased activity from government bodies.”


“Despite a new constitution and increased efforts to fight corruption, corruption continues to affect all levels of Kenyan society. There has been recent international attention on Kenya from U.S. and international enforcement agencies, and this attention may lead to increased FCPA enforcement in Kenya going forward.”

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Anti-Corruption Risk Matrix

Ropes & Gray’s econometric Risk Matrix enables organizations to evaluate and visualize corruption risk throughout their international operations.

Cited for innovativeness by the Financial Times, the Risk Matrix uses a web-based questionnaire designed to assess corruption risk within an organization’s international operations. A proprietary Ropes & Gray risk scoring algorithm processes a client’s answers, and the scored results are graphed to create a visual model illustrating risk areas in a client’s international operations by both geography and business category.

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