Annual Filing Scam Targets Massachusetts Companies

April 3, 2009
1 minutes

Recently, corporations located in Massachusetts (including some not incorporated in Massachusetts) received a solicitation entitled "Annual Minutes Requirement Statement." This is a form that requests certain corporate information and requests that the recipient send the completed document, together with an "annual fee" of $125, to an organization called Compliance Services. The document is designed to look like an official filing and has mislead some companies not familiar with the requirements of Massachusetts corporate law.

We believe that this document is part of a scam as it is NOT an official document and it is NOT required by Massachusetts law. Compliance Services has no relationship to the Secretary of State or any other arm of the Massachusetts government. The Massachusetts Secretary of State has posted a Notice on its website warning people about this solicitation.

There are reports that this same organization has sent similar documents to companies located in other states. If you receive a copy of this Statement you can safely ignore and discard it. If you have any questions, please contact your regular Ropes & Gray advisor.