Modern Slavery Legislation – Resources for Compliance

May 31, 2022
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Many companies are gearing up for publication of their annual modern slavery statements. In addition, new U.S. legislation to address forced labor takes effect in June. Furthermore, additional legislation to address modern slavery continues to be proposed globally. The following are just some of the Ropes & Gray resources available to assist with modern slavery compliance.

Current Legislation:

President Biden Signs Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act – Overview and Near-term Compliance Recommendations

Modern Slavery Compliance for U.S.-based (and Other) Multinationals: A Review of Recent Compliance and Disclosure Developments in the United States and Abroad

The UK Modern Slavery Act – Ropes & Gray Resources for Compliance

UK Home Office Ramps up Modern Slavery Statement Expectations – Recent Developments and Compliance Recommendations for Multinationals

New Australian Modern Slavery Reporting Requirements on the Horizon – A Primer for Multinationals

Anti-human Trafficking Compliance Guidance for U.S. Government Contractors Published

U.S. Legislation Requires Enhancements to Modern Slavery Compliance Procedures to Address North Korean Labor Risks

Complying with Restrictions on North Korean Content and Labor in Supply Chains – U.S. Government Publishes New Advisory

Department of Homeland Security Publishes FAQs on North Korean Labor in Supply Chains

Proposed Legislation:

New Zealand Moves Toward Proposal of Modern Slavery Legislation that Would Create New Compliance Obligations for U.S.-based and Other Multinationals

Bipartisan Slave-Free Business Certification Act Reintroduced in the U.S. Senate

Canadian Modern Slavery Act Proposed – Would Create Additional Reporting Obligations for U.S.-based Multinationals

UK Government Announces Commitment to Significantly Increase Modern Slavery Act Reporting Requirements

Numerous additional alerts, articles and white papers relating to modern slavery legislation and other CSR-related legislation are available on our website.

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