Global Antitrust: The Extra-Territorial Application of Antitrust Laws

June 2, 2004

Doing business in the U.S. or Europe? Some practices acceptable in Japan could lead to expensive lawsuits, big fines or even prison sentences in the U.S. and the EU member states. This program, co-sponsored by Japan Society, New York, highlighted recent cases where Japanese companies — and their executives — have had major problems under the U.S. and EU antitrust laws. The reach of these laws is so broad that even arrangements made in Japan between two Japanese companies could cause an investigation by the U.S. or EU antitrust agencies. This program was an opportunity for Japanese companies to learn about antitrust risks and the steps smart executives take to avoid major antitrust headaches in the U.S. and Europe.

6:00 pm   Registration
6:30 pm   Program
7:45 pm   Reception