Investment Management Teleconference: Managing ERISA Assets: The Basics

May 3, 2005
R. Hardin Matthews
Sharon Remmer , Peter N. Rosenberg ,
Jonathan M. Zorn

Pension plans and other funded employee benefit arrangements subject to ERISA are among the principal sources of investment capital in the U.S.  A manager of ERISA “plan assets” is subject to responsibilities and risks – some self-evident and some less so – that it does not face when managing other institutional assets.

Using a typical investment management agreement as the framework for discussion, the speakers will review the ERISA basics with which every investment manager who deals with “plan assets” should be familiar.  Topics include:   ERISA’s fiduciary duty rules, its bonding requirements, the “prohibited transaction” rules and key exemptions and approaches to risk shifting, among others.  The teleconference is intended both for those who are unfamiliar with the ERISA framework and for those who want a refresher in this important area.