Hedge Funds Teleconference: Recent Bankruptcy Developments: How to Stay Competitive in a Tight Market

September 27, 2006
Mark I. Bane
Laurel FitzPatrick
Even as the number of funds investing in distressed securities has seen explosive growth, the number of significant Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings has recently declined. To realize value in this increasingly competitive market, it is essential to stay abreast of current developments, with a focus on the outer edges of bankruptcy law. In an upcoming teleconference, the Business & Bankruptcy Restructuring Group of Ropes & Gray will cover a number of topics, including developments in the vulnerability of distressed debt purchasers to the blemishes of the sellers, based on Enron. The teleconference, led by Mark Bane, will also address the murky world of make whole premiums (based on Calpine) and critical developments in opportunities to extract value through suits against officers and directors.