All Health Breaks Loose: The Impact of Democratic Control of Congress on Health Care Initiatives

December 14, 2006 – December 15, 2006
Thomas M. Susman

Teleconference Overview

Tom Susman and Elizabeth Goss, partners in our Washington, D.C. office, will provide an update on the potential impact of changes in Congressional leadership on a range of health care issues. The overview will discuss how the Democratic leadership may affect action in the 110th Congress on:

  • The structure and implementation of Medicare Part D, including federal price negotiation;
  • Medicare physician payment and other Medicare reimbursement issues;
  • Biomedical research issues, including funding, research priority setting, and conflicts of interest;
  • User fee renewal, drug safety proposals, and other Food and Drug Administration reform proposals;
  • Proposals to expand access to publicly funded research; and
  • Oversight and investigations regarding a wide range of health care topics.

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Thomas M. Susman
Thomas M. Susman
Retired Partner