Election 2008: Implications for the Health Care Industry

December 3, 2008
Stephen A. Warnke ,
Thomas M. Susman

With the election of Senator Barack Obama as the 44th President and the strengthened Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate, health care issues are likely to feature prominently on the federal agenda next year. At the same time, the economic crisis has called into question President-Elect Obama's ability to deliver quickly on some of the more sweeping health reform proposals that figured in this year's campaigns.

This teleconference will look ahead at the health care issues and concerns likely to be tackled in 2009, including unfinished business from the 110th Congress, proposals for health care reform already under development, pent-up Democratic priorities now likely to move forward, areas of bipartisan agreement ripe for progress, and possible sources of health care savings to pay for new initiatives. What will be the likely impact of this activity on health care providers and other industry segments? What changes should they expect? What role can they play in influencing the direction of change? We will examine these and other questions in this topical and timely teleconference.