Webinar: Surviving an IRS Examination

December 9, 2009 – December 11, 2009
Peter C. Erichsen , Kendi E. Ozmon ,
A. L. (Lorry) Spitzer

This webinar, while primarily focusing on IRS audits of colleges and universities, may be of interest to other non-profit clients. All are welcome to participate.
As a follow-up to compliance questionnaires sent last year, the Internal Revenue Service has announced that it plans to conduct a series of comprehensive examinations of colleges and universities. Many institutions have already been notified that they have been selected for such audits. IRS officials have stated publicly that the examinations will focus on executive compensation and unrelated business taxable income, but the audits will in most cases review many other aspects of a school's affairs, and most will last for well over a year, with IRS agents taking up residence on campus.

In this webinar, Peter Erichsen, Kendi Ozmon, David Raish, and Lorry Spitzer, all of whom have extensive experience guiding institutions through comprehensive IRS examinations, will discuss how to prepare for the IRS' call and how to respond when the agents arrive. This webinar will also be of interest to schools and other tax exempt organizations that are not selected for audit but want to learn more about the tax issues that are at the top of the IRS' list.