The Exchange: Target-Date Funds Into the Future

May 27, 2010 – June 1, 2010

In recent weeks, the landscape for target-date funds seems to have changed as regulators give the products a close look. The Department of Labor came out with the first installment of its three-phase guidance about the funds. The first phase contained guidance for investors and highlighted how some funds that share identical target years in their names can have very different glide paths. Future guidance will contain best practices for fiduciaries and, eventually, new rules on how the funds can be used as qualified default investment alternatives in retirement accounts.

The panel will discuss what the pressures from Washington and the misunderstanding from investors mean for the industry. Joining us are three experts with varied perspectives. Michael Eldredge is a vice president of investment research at MassMutual Retirement Services, and George Raine is a partner with Ropes & Gray. Our moderator is Lynette DeWitt, the director of subadvisory and lifecycle fund research at Financial Research Corporation.

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