What Investors Need to Know about Investing into China Private Equity Funds and RMB Fund Managers

October 4, 2011
Ann L. Milner

The rapid growth of RMB denominated funds in the PRC has significant consequences for U.S. sponsors and investors. Please join our panel of Shanghai and Greater China-based experts as they explain and analyze this trend, focusing on the following practical issues:

     1. What is a RMB fund and who is permitted to form one?
     2. Who invests in a RMB denominated fund?
     3. What types of investment opportunities are available to RMB funds but not to USD denominated funds?
     4. What are the typical conflicts that arise when a China manager sponsors both a USD fund and a RMB fund?
     5. How are those conflicts typically mitigated by China managers, both structurally and contractually?
     6. What steps can U.S. investors take to monitor and manage such conflicts?
     7. What future regulatory changes can be expected for RMB Funds?
     8. A note to non-China managers and how they may raise capital from Chinese institutions and individuals.

This webinar is intended to apprise U.S. sponsors and investors of the latest developments in the China fund market. It is also intended to assist U.S. sponsors in assessing how they can raise capital in China, and to assist U.S. investors in deploying their capital in China so as to access the best investment opportunities and align their interests with those of their managers.


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Ann L. Milner
Ann L. Milner
Retired Partner