China Private Equity: Taking Stock of Key Developments in 2011 and What They Mean for 2012 and Beyond

March 6, 2012
While private equity (PE) activity -- measured by the number of deals and by dollar volume - remained relatively flat in the United States and Europe in 2011, it was another bumper year in China based on the same metrics. At the same time, ongoing market volatility and regulatory hurdles in China have made deal execution and achieving exits more challenging than ever.
In this webinar, we examined recent key developments in the market and the outlook for PE activity in China in 2012, including several issues and opportunities facing private equity investors, including:
• The Impact of Listed Company Accounting Scandals on PE Investors: PIPEs and Take Privates
• The Emergence of Hong Kong Cornerstones as an Asset Class Target for PE Investors
• Is Bringing a Chinese Target Offshore still a Viable Investment Strategy?: the “Tianrui” Model and Beyond
• VIEs: Are We Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop?
• The Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Interim Guidance on Pre-IPO Investments: Does the HKSE have it out for PE funds?
• Whither the Chinese Buyout?