Negotiating Athletic Coaching and Executive Contracts for Colleges & Universities

March 1, 2012
Dennis M. Coleman ,
Peter N. Rosenberg

Each year, the coaching carousel in intercollegiate athletics impacts college and university officials in time spent recruiting, negotiating and signing men’s and women’s coaches to new contracts and extensions. In an era of exploding salaries for coaches and increased scrutiny by the NCAA as well as the federal and state governments, it is critical for colleges and universities to find the right individual to lead a team’s student-athletes and to protect themselves. With over 25 years of experience in the field of intercollegiate coaching contracts, Ropes & Gray offers a unique perspective on contract negotiations, having represented numerous college coaches at institutions across the country. Now working with colleges and universities on such matters, please join us for Ropes & Gray’s webinar on the most important concepts for college administrators to consider when negotiating with coaches and executive talent across the organization. We will discuss a variety of key considerations to consider in such matters, including:

• Negotiation and term sheet process
• Exit provisions, including “for cause” termination
• Appropriate monetary compensation and benefits
• Sponsorship and endorsement terms
• Taxation
• ERISA considerations
• Best practices for avoiding intermediate sanctions

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