Massachusetts Hospital Association: 47th Annual Mid-Winter Leadership Forum

January 31, 2014

Ropes & Gray is a proud sponsor of the 47th Annual Mid-Winter Leadership Forum.

As healthcare system reform took shape over the last few years and continues to do so, the movement is marked by an adapting care system with changing relationships and responsibilities among various providers, including hospitals. The dust hasn’t settled yet, but many newly formed teams are taking to the field and putting theory into practice. At this year’s Mid-Winter Leadership Forum, learn from leaders with a national perspective on which strategies are working best for success in the new marketplace. We’ll also hear from one of the nation’s top physician leadership experts, Dr. Stephen Beeson. In his national best-selling book, Practicing Excellence: A Physician’s Manual to Exceptional Health Care, he articulates a strategic, prescriptive “how-to” approach to improve physician performance in quality and service and to train physicians to drive organizational success. The program will also showcase local “home run” ACO innovations that are taking the game to higher levels of innovation. It’s an exciting time for hospitals and healthcare organizations in the commonwealth. We hope you will join us this year with a team of leaders from your organization.