Pharmaceutical Compliance and Enforcement Forum

March 19, 2014 – March 20, 2014

Ropes & Gray is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Pharmaceutical Compliance and Enforcement Forum.

ACI is pleased to bring you the next iteration the next iteration of the iconic and industry-leading conference: Fraud and Abuse in the Sale and Marketing of Drugs. Based on your feedback and the evolution of the industry itself, the program has been expanded to include broader enforcement actions and a more comprehensive focus on building and maintaining a comprehensive and thorough compliance program.

In a new era of heightened scrutiny, this is the one place where you can learn how to reduce the risk of massive fines, litigation costs, misconduct charges, guilty pleas, negative publicity and more. This annual conference will enable you to reshape your compliance programs to reflect recent legislation and changes in enforcement priorities and to develop corporate policies that protect against future fraud claims.

Never before have pharmaceutical companies been so pressured by issues arising simultaneously on the state, national and international level. At this uniquely trying time, day-to-day activities can become the focus of inquiries by members of Congress, investigations by federal and/or state prosecutors, and whistleblower claims. In addition, increased transparency under the Sunshine Act has both added new compliance challenges and risks associated with intensified public and government scrutiny.

Companies must now focus on revising internal practices to meet the new standards that have been set. They must take extra precaution to ensure that they are minimizing the risk of being accused of engaging in activities that constitute off label promotion or violate the False Claims Act or the FCPA.

This event is supported by the most exciting in-house speakers in the industry who will provide you with a sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of the most difficult and costly issues facing companies today, along with practical strategies for tackling these challenges.

A recurring highlight of this event is the government enforcement panel where you will hear straight from government enforcers about the most current enforcement priorities, triggers, and targets.

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