American Conference Institute 3rd Annual Litigator & Corporate Counsel Forum on Managing Complex ITC Litigation

June 6, 2014


The American Conference Institute will be hosting the 3rd Annual Litigator & Corporate Counsel Forum on Managing Complex ITC Litigation. Andrew Thomases an Intellectual Property litigation partner in the Silicon Valley office will be leading a panel on the following:

Key differences in how complainants and respondents litigate ITC vs. District Court matters
• How to frame the issues in the case: Best practices for positioning and presenting your case
• Discovery:
- how to negotiate early on the scope of discovery in a 337 investigation
- practical tips for delineating the scope of discovery and what patents/products are really at issue
• Service and delivery of documents — outlining and agreeing on:
- expert discovery stipulations
- CBI and its exchange between competitor respondents
• Determining whether or not evidence obtained in the context of one action can be used to:
- pursue discovery in another action or country
- used as evidence in a parallel or separate but related suit
- in another venue
• Practical tips for conducting third party discovery of a foreign party during a 337 investigation
• Defending against a licensing entity
• Managing subpoena issues
• The biggest pitfalls to avoid in Markman hearings
• Vetting, selecting and working with experts
• Defining outside and in-house counsel’s roles and responsibilities
• ALJ’s expectations concerning timelines and eDiscovery during a 337 investigation 

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