Finance Partner to Speak at PLI's Leveraged Financing 2016 Seminar

May 4, 2016

Practising Law Institute (PLI) will host its Leveraged Financing 2016 seminar in New York (and via live webcast) on May 4, which will feature Ropes & Gray finance partner Byung Choi.

Mr. Choi will address the session titled "Covenants: Theory, Market Terms and Trends" that will look at the following topics:

  • What protections do creditors want and why?
  • What flexibility do borrowers want and why?
  • Long-term changes in U.S. leveraged finance markets and their impact on covenant terms, including convergence of bank and bond covenants
  • Current covenant trends and developments, including increasing penetration of covenant-lite deals, incurrence based covenants, and financial maintenance covenant characteristics
  • Comparison of European and U.S. terms
  • Role of collateral in influencing terms

The seminar is aimed at delivering practical insights on leveraged finance strategies and the current marketplace, where attendees can expect to learn about the business and legal drivers of deal activity, deal structuring considerations and approaches, commitment letters and the acquisition financing process, financing-related provisions of acquisition agreements, case law developments every practitioner should know, and the latest financing documentation topics and trends.

More information and registration details can be found here.