False Advertising in Social Media: FTC Guidance and Enforcement

June 22, 2016

As social media becomes an increasingly important marketing strategy for consumer-facing companies, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau (NAD) have heightened their focus on marketing activities conducted by companies through social media platforms. Our subject-matter experts will review a sampling of real life social media examples and provide practical advice for a response or handling enforcement actions. This webinar will cover:

  • FTC policies and representative FTC/NAD cases
  • Private litigation involving social media
  • Common false advertising issues that implicate social media
  • Social media recommendations to reduce legal and regulatory risk

Educational Objectives:

  • Obtain a better understanding of FTC policies relating to advertising, endorsements and deception
  • Gain practical advice for responding to an enforcement action or investigation focusing on FTC/NAD challenges
  • Learn best practices for companies and brand owners for advertising through social media to help mitigate enforcement risks
  • Become more aware of when and how to take enforcement action against individuals or small businesses using social media to infringe IP rights, damage reputation, or otherwise cause an established company or brand owner harm

Who would benefit most from attending this program?

Practitioners, lawyers and business executives at consumer-facing companies with a social media presence.