Webinar: Cryptocurrencies: Key Regulatory and Enforcement Issues

July 23, 2018

Although cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics in the asset management world, its status and future are far from certain. The regulatory and enforcement environments are complex and rapidly evolving and we have brought together a group of attorneys with experience from across the industry to provide insight and analysis on how to navigate these new investment opportunities. This webinar covers: 

  • The potential regulation of cryptocurrencies, ICOs and SAFTs as securities in light of the SEC’s recent clarification of the status of Ether and reaffirmation of the Howey Test 
  • Regulatory considerations under the Advisers Act, including custody issues and implications on codes of ethics/personal trading policies 
  • Regulating cryptocurrencies as commodity interests  
  • The current enforcement environment, including trends from initial court decisions and regulator statements

Webinar Replay

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