Leonard Klingbaum and Ryan Preston Dahl Present at Debtwire Restructuring Forum on Creditor-on-Creditor Tension

December 5, 2022

Capital Solutions and Private Credit partner Leonard Klingbaum and business restructuring partner Ryan Preston Dahl presented on a panel “Creditor-on-creditor tension – Dropdowns, uptiers and what might be next?” at the Debtwire Restructuring Forum on December 1.

The presentation examined current themes in lender-on-lender violence, reviewing recent cases both in-court and out-of-court, and provided insight into how liability management transactions involving priming, uptiering and financing through an unrestricted subsidiary have led to misaligned goals between investors.

Leonard and Ryan were joined by Matt Rahmani, Executive Director at Perella Weinberg Partners, Philip Brown, Co-Portfolio Manager at PSAM and Daniel Kamensky, Board Member at the Creditor Rights Coalition. A recording of the panel can be accessed here with a Debtwire subscription.