Ropes & Gray Co-Hosts the Data Insights Webinar Series on Data and Data Analytics in Business, Public Policy and Law

September 28, 2023

Ropes & Gray, in partnership with Mass Insight Global Partnerships, hosts and presents the Data Insights webinar series. This series focuses on bringing together business people, academics and researchers, and government policy makers to discuss issues associated with the collection and use of data to address significant problems across a broad range of contexts.

The 2023 series includes the following webinars.

  • Accelerating Drug Development With Real World Evidence: New Developments, the Opportunities and the Policy Agenda

    In recent years, pharmaceutical and biotech companies have increasingly incorporated data from real-world evidence (“RWE”) into drug and product development programs, spurred by greater access to RWE, legislative changes, and significant policy development at FDA.

    The use of RWE raises novel opportunities to accelerate drug development, as well as new challenges for regulators and the life sciences industry to set common standards for RWE.

    The panel explores the RWE opportunities through emerging case study examples, consider the impact of recent regulatory decisions and review what’s on the horizon in the marketplace and for the policy agenda.

    A recording is here.

  • Navigating State ESG Investment Considerations – Battle Lines are Drawn

    In the last two years, ESG has taken on a prominent place in the workings of state treasuries and the management of public funds—whether we are talking about selecting asset managers and investments for the state retirement system or contracting with banks to underwrite bond issuances. An ever-growing divide has emerged between red states and blue states on whether and when ESG considerations should form part of financial decisions and clear battle lines have been drawn, resulting in contradictory state laws and approaches that present real challenges to managers as they work to comply with their own fiduciary duties to state retirement plans and public funds. Layered on top of that is the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) Final ESG Rule and the EU's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) both of which are more accepting of ESG than many red state rules, which present further complications and contradictions that managers must navigate. All of this translates into an intricate regulatory and policy web that must be navigated to manage money of both public and private sector retirement plans.

    This panel covered:

    • The red state and blue state divide from the perspectives of attorneys general, treasurers and other financial stakeholders as well as the red state backlash against the DOL’s Final ESG Rule 
    • Different strategies states are taking to evaluate ESG as a financial-based investment strategy or as an advancement of political agendas

    A recording is here.

    Further Information on State ESG Regulation

    Be sure to check out our award-winning interactive website, Navigating State Regulation of ESG Investments, that tracks the latest ESG-related legislation, executive actions and initiatives, and coalition activities, as well as changes to state retirement plan investment policies across the United States. In addition, the website offers a variety of podcasts and memos to provide users with easy access to our team’s key insights in understanding this dynamic area.

  • Raising the Stakes for Corporate Boards and Cyber Risk Governance

    With proposed board-focused SEC cybersecurity regulations as the most recent initiative, regulators and courts are raising the stakes for corporate board cyber risk governance – and looking for evidence that boards are challenging management to improve cyber defenses and business resiliency. The White House has released a new National Cyber Strategy with a call for minimum cybersecurity standards in the technology marketplace. While at the same time, boards and senior management in all sectors continue to struggle to find a common language, framework, and metrics that will enable them to embed cyber risk calculations in strategic business decisions.

    This Data Insights webinar for executives, board members, and counsels will review the emerging regulations and requirements for cyber risk governance and the key questions sophisticated board members and senior executives should be asking and management should be answering in clear, non-technical language that easily translates to risk calculations:

    • Are cybersecurity and digital risk officers at the table for enterprise strategic planning and M&A decisions? How does our corporate organization assure that is the case?
    • How have we identified and prioritized for defense the business processes and “crown jewels” essential to our business?
    • Do we have a resilience strategy to assure we continue to operate in the face of a damaging attack?
    • How are we measuring our performance against the most dangerous threats? What can we learn through our failures and incident response simulations?
    • Where are we out of compliance with regulatory requirements—and what are we doing to respond and plan for future regulations?

    A recording is here.

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