Leonard Klingbaum and Matthew Roose to Present at Debtwire Restructuring Forum on Lender-on-Lender Tension

December 6, 2023

Capital solutions and private credit partner Leonard Klingbaum and business restructuring partner Matthew Roose will present on a panel titled “The evolving landscape of lender-on-lender tension” at the Debtwire Restructuring Forum in Miami on December 6.

The presentation will examine:

  • How bankruptcy judges’ ‘open market purchase’ or non-pro-rata debt exchange rulings are impacting creditors and investors,
  • The impacts of the Serta bankruptcy ruling on the excluded minority lenders,
  • The ‘double-dip’ transaction, its structure and its impact on future cases,
  • And innovations allowing borrowers to engage in uptiering.

Leonard and Matthew will be joined by Judge David S. Jones, United States Bankruptcy Judge in the Southern District of New York and Matt Rahmani, Executive Director of Perella Weinberg Partners.

More information on the event can be found here.