Ropes & Gray Partners Review Dodd Financial Reform Legislation

In The News
March 19, 2010
Alan G. Priest
In “Eight Director-Relevant Highlights from the Dodd Financial Reform Proposal,” Banking Practice co-leaders Mark Nuccio and Alan Priest distill the more than 1,300 pages of Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd’s financial reform proposal into eight concise areas of interest for directors. In the article, published by Corporate Board Member, the authors write “Dodd has made many of the hard choices already and...has fashioned a bill more palatable to moderate Republicans and less attractive to more liberal members of his own party. As a result, this is legislation worthy of note.” Nuccio and Priest’s eight highlights focus on the following topics: Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance, Regulating the Supersized, Hedge Fund Adviser Registration, The “Volcker Rule,” Consumer Protection, Costing Shifting, SEC Self Funding, and Counterparty Risk.


Alan G. Priest
Alan G. Priest
Retired Partner