Ropes & Gray Partners Provide Forecast on Dodd Financial Reform Legislation Debate

In The News
May 10, 2010
Alan G. Priest

In a follow-up to an article focusing on highlights from the Dodd financial reform proposal relevant to company directors, Ropes & Gray banking practice co-leaders Mark Nuccio and Alan Priest discuss the Dodd Financial Reform bill and the likelihood of significant change to the bill as it now makes its way to the Senate floor for debate. 

In the update, published by Corporate Board Member on May 10, the authors write, "Among the more serious areas of debate and possible substantive change to the Dodd bill are the regulation of derivatives and financial product consumer protection, while certain aspects of the Dodd financial reform proposal will escape serious challenge and have a good chance of becoming law."

The Ropes & Gray partners highlight eight areas of focus for the Senate debate: Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance, Regulating the Supersized, Hedge Fund Adviser Registration, The "Volcker Rule,” Consumer Protection, Costing Shifting, SEC Self-Funding, and Counterparty Risk. Nuccio and Priest offer a forecast of the likelihood that each issue will remain part of the bill, and detail the arguments involved.


Alan G. Priest
Alan G. Priest
Retired Partner