Law360 Quotes Doug Hallward-Driemeier on Closely Watched Appeal to Lower Court’s Ruling on Florida “Gun Gag” Law

In The News
July 16, 2013
Washington, D.C.-based business & securities litigation partner Doug Hallward-Driemeier is quoted in a July 16 Law360 article entitled “11th Circ. To Hear Challenge to Fla’s ‘Gun Gag’ On Doctors.” The article deals with the recent developments and appeal of the case Wollschlaeger et al. v. Governor of the State of Florida et al., which involves a Florida law restricting doctors from asking patients about firearm ownership. In the article, Mr. Hallward-Driemeier explains, “There is quite a lot at stake in Florida for both doctors and patients…I think the principle here is an exceptionally important one to establish. Patients have a right to hear from their doctors, and doctors have a right to share with their patients the kind of information that is important to their well-being.” The article notes that Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger and the other plaintiffs are represented by Doug Hallward-Driemeier.