Hedge Funds Partner Discusses NFA Audit Focus on By-Law 1101 in HFMCompliance

In The News
May 20, 2014
Deborah A. Monson

Hedge funds partner Deborah Monson (Chicago) is quoted in a May 20 HFMCompliance article titled “Exclusive: NFA By-law 1101 focus surprises hedge funds,” which explores the National Futures Association (NFA) by-law 1101 that prohibits members from doing business with non-members. In the article, Ms. Monson notes this by-law has surprised recently registered hedge fund managers and explains that the compliance with “[b]y-law 1101 is a priority for the NFA, so they are asking for that due diligence.”


Deborah A. Monson
Deborah A. Monson
Retired Partner