Securities & Public Companies Partner Featured in Source Intelligence

In The News
March 31, 2016

An article published by Source Intelligence on March 28 featured securities & public companies partner Michael Littenberg (New York) in an interview discussing his journey to becoming a supply chain compliance lawyer and other topics. One of these topics is the global conflict mineral regulatory landscape, on which Mr. Littenberg says, “It’s incredible how dynamic conflict minerals regulation continues to be. The U.S. rule remains subject to litigation, which continues to create compliance uncertainty. In the E.U., we’re getting closer to a final conflict minerals regulation, probably sometime mid-year. The parameters of that regulation are still being worked out, but we do know based on the various proposals that it will work differently than the US rule. Finally, in China, in the last few months, we have seen the publication of voluntary due diligence guidelines, which also will continue to be fleshed out over the next year. … But, the action is not limited to conflict minerals. For example, there is a rapidly increasing focus on other areas such as anti-human trafficking. The take-away is that supply chain compliance is going to remain dynamic and is becoming increasingly complex.”