New Private Investment Funds Partner Quoted in The Hedge Fund Law Report on Fund Raising and Regulatory Developments in the Industry

In The News
August 31, 2016

An Aug. 25 article published by The Hedge Fund Law Report details the recent arrival of Amanda Persaud to the firm’s private investment funds practice in New York. In the piece, Ms. Persaud provides her insights on the current state of fundraising, regulatory developments and focus areas regulators are monitoring. “There’s reason to be quite optimistic,” outlines Ms. Persaud, noting that despite perceptions that fundraising has slowed, “if you put it into context and look at fundraising activity from 2006 to the present, you’ll find that the slowdown in fundraising is nowhere near what the market experienced from 2008 to 2011.” Ms. Persaud also details that conflicts of interest is a continuing area of focus for regulators and hedge fund managers, particularly when managers have multiple products, proprietary investing, acquisitions by funds with different mandates and fee-sharing across various vehicles and asset classes. “Regulators are here to stay, and they have a degree of sophistication that’s frankly not going to go away,” states Ms. Persaud.