Health Care Partners Co-Author Bloomberg BNA Portfolio on Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions

In The News
March 24, 2017

Health care practice partner Michael Lampert (Boston) have co-authored a portfolio published by Bloomberg BNA’s Health Law & Business Series titled “Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions: The Transactional Perspective.”

The portfolio is part of a series on health law topics offered in digital and print format that are subscribed to as a collection through Bloomberg BNA’s Health Law Resource Center or Bloomberg Law.

The portfolio examines elements of a health care transaction along an anticipated timeline, starting with structuring considerations and preliminary negotiations and running through definitive agreements and closing (and post-closing) matters. It addresses roles of the parties and responsibilities of counsel; guides processes; discusses transactional documents in tandem with annotated forms; and offers practical insights and drafting tips. The portfolio addresses common forms of equity, asset and non-profit membership interest-based transactions.

Specific topics covered include: the bidding process, preparation for health care transactions, confidentiality agreements, letters of intent and key terms, due diligence strategy, best practices for handing confidentiality and competitively sensitive information, definitive agreement structure, core elements of the agreement, pre-closing regulatory approvals, state approvals including Certificate of Need applications, Attorney General filing and consent, public charity considerations, and interim covenants.