Tax & Benefits Attorney Quoted in International Financial Law Review

In The News
August 10, 2017

An Aug. 8 International Financial Law Review article titled “SEC poses biggest threat to DoLfiduciary rule” reports that the SEC confirmed its intention to coordinate its review of the Department of Labor’s (DoL) recently enacted and already embattled fiduciary rule with the DoL. Should the SEC impose its own version, the Department of Labor could be forced to moot its own rule, according to the article. “It is unlikely that the SEC is currently in a position to promulgate a rule soon enough to prevent further disruptions,” stated tax & benefits associate Josh Lichtenstein in the piece. “It is more likely that the DoL will take in the input that it is getting from all different directions, including from the SEC.” Mr. Lichtenstein said. “And it is also expected that the department makes the rule significantly easier to live with.”