Bloomberg BNA, InvestmentNews and Fund Action Quote Investment Management Counsel on SEC Commissioner Nominees and Leadership

In The News
September 19, 2017

Articles published by Bloomberg BNA, InvestmentNews and Fund Action review the SEC commissioner nominees, their backgrounds, focus areas and what might be expected next by the asset management industry.

An InvestmentNews article published on Sept. 12 examines the regulatory stances and policy interests of SEC Commissioner nominees Hester Peirce and Robert Jackson. “You have to expect [in Ms. Peirce] someone who will line up with Republican ideology,” notes investment management counsel David Tittsworth (Washington, D.C.) in the article. “The same goes for Jackson” in taking a typical Democratic position. On the academic backgrounds of Ms. Peirce and Mr. Jackson, Mr. Tittsworth states in a Sept. 13 Bloomberg BNA commentary, that the SEC can benefit from commissioners with different viewpoints and backgrounds.

A piece published by Fund Action on Sept. 11 outlines that with the appointment of senior leadership positions at the SEC, the Trump administration’s agenda for the asset management industry may start to be implemented. Mr. Tittsworth discusses the Treasury Department’s anticipated report on recommendations for asset management stemming from a White House executive order issued last February. The anticipated report may address recommendations on exchange traded funds, derivatives, stress testing, business continuity plans, electronic delivery of mutual fund documents, the Department of Labor ‘s fiduciary rule, dealing commissions, international regulatory coordination and money market funds, Mr. Tittsworth stated in the piece.