David Tittsworth Comments on Asset Management Industry One Year after Presidential Election

In The News
January 5, 2018
Capital Insights.

Investment management counsel David Tittsworth authored a Jan. 4 article, published by Pensions & Investments, examining where the asset management industry stands one year after the presidential election. In the article, he discusses President Trump's appointments to the SEC, CFTC and Treasury and Labor Departments, and comments on “little change on Capitol Hill.”

In terms of what we can expect during 2018, Mr. Tittsworth suggests that a number of rule-makings of interest to the asset management industry will be on the SEC’s short term and long term agendas. He assesses that “looking to 2018, there is good reason to believe issues that matter to asset management firms will be considered thoughtfully, and with fair advance notice and opportunities to participate in deliberations shaping any rules.”

This is a follow-up piece to an article Mr. Tittsworth authored in Jan. 2017.