In Law360, Edward Kelly and Regina Penti Examine Differences Between U.K. Patent Ruling and U.S. Practice

In The News
April 19, 2018
Edward J. Kelly
Regina Sam Penti

IP transactions partner Edward Kelly and counsel Regina Sam Penti (both of Boston and London) authored an April 18 article in Law360 regarding a recent decision issued by the U.K. Court of Appeal decision in Regeneron Pharmaceuticals v. Kymab Ltd. and Novo Nordisk. The cases, regarding Regeneron’s lucrative transgenic mice technology, centered on whether the Regeneron patents at issue sufficiently disclosed the patented technology. 

The authors explain that the decision, which squarely aligned U.K. law with the law of the European Patent Office, highlights for U.S. life sciences and technology companies the stricter standard to which patent specifications are subject in Europe.