In Ignites, Investment Management Partner Discusses Final Preparations for Liquidity Rule

In The News
May 29, 2018

In an Ignites video interview titled “Shops 'Pushing Hard' to Finalize Liquidity Programs Over Summer” conducted at the 2018 ICI Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference, investment management partner George Raine discusses the current state of play as companies finalize their preparations for compliance with the SEC’s liquidity rule. “Folks are still working through a lot of the details. They've been getting engaged with service providers, trying to work out the kinks between what does the service provider do, what does the manager do, how do their systems talk to each other. And then building out the policies and going to the boards,” states Mr. Raine in the video which was published on May 14. Mr. Raine is also quoted in a later article in Ignites titled “Shops in Thick of Vetting Vendors’ Liquidity Bucketing” published on May 17 reports that as firms will rely on vendors to comply with the bucketing requirement of the rule, many are in the throes of vetting service providers’ processes.