In Bloomberg News, Labor & Employment Attorneys Examine Workplace Harassment Risks for Private Equity Funds and Other Active Investors and Corporate Affiliates

In The News
June 1, 2018

In an article published by Bloomberg, associate Douglas Brayley examine how #MeToo liability can attach to “non-obvious” defendants such as investors, lenders, and parent corporations.  The authors write that “when the individual bad actor is a supervisor or other high-ranking employee, the victim of discrimination usually is not limited to suing the individual: An ‘employer’ will often be vicariously liable for its supervisors’ discrimination or misconduct. So the question sometimes becomes, who exactly is the ‘employer’ to whom liability may attach?” In addition to examining single and joint-employer liability under Title VII, and providing examples of fact patterns to beware, the authors provide suggestions for limiting exposure to risk. The article is available here.