In BoardIQ, Investment Management Partner Paulita Pike Discusses Fee Pressures within the Mutual Fund Industry

In The News
August 27, 2018

A piece titled Fidelity’s New No-Fee Funds Bring All Fees Into Sharp Focus published by BoardIQ on Aug. 14 examines how Fidelity’s new no-fee funds bring all fees into sharp focus and includes insights from investment management partner Paulita Pike.

“The industry has been under significant fee pressures for the last several years, and this is yet another instance that will generate fee pressures,” says Ms. Pike in the piece. The questions directors have asked about other fee decreases and fee pressures in general are the kinds they’ll ask about this development, she says.

Ms. Pike says prompting conversations is the most immediate effect the no-fee products will have on independent directors, who she says may want to discuss how the adviser views Fidelity’s new funds and the potential impact on their own funds.