Pensions & Investments Quotes Investment Management Counsel David Tittsworth on SEC Conduct Standards

In The News
October 15, 2018

In an article published by Pensions & Investments on Oct. 15 titled “SEC weighing complex investment advice package,” investment management counsel David Tittsworth discusses what to expect regarding the SEC’s proposed standards of conduct package for investment professionals. Mr. Tittsworth outlines that resolution on the matter is not expected this year. “Could [Mr. Clayton] possibly get a vote of the five commissioners before the end of this year? I think it's possible,” Mr. Tittsworth said. “That would be really aggressive. There's so many controversial issues wrapped up in the three (SEC proposals).” There will likely be changes made to the Form CRS proposal, Mr. Tittsworth added. “You've got to have (Ms. Peirce's) vote or there's no way you're going anywhere.”