In BoardIQ, Asset Management Partner John Loder Discusses Board Retirement Policies

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March 27, 2019
John M. Loder

In an article published by BoardIQ on March 26 titled Extending Terms Can Add Flexibility but Also Confusionasset management partner John Loder discusses board retirement policies. Fund boards have “a retirement age for a reason and that a well-functioning board will conduct succession planning that is based on an understanding of how a retirement policy is going to work,” Mr. Loder states in the article.

“The issue is a recurring one: how do you ensure the board remains effective and there is an appropriate level of turnover?” he continued. “These policies exist for the benefit of the fund, not for the benefit of the individual director. It may be that individuals have more to give…but that’s not the point.”


John M. Loder
John M. Loder
Retired Partner